"There are few things more valuable than your contacts book."


We operate a little differently to most. We're agile.

Think of mode:13 as your little black book.


Now, think of the core events team as the contents page of your little black book. We each have our own skill or speciality. Each is like a chapter. We work together to produce the perfect narrative for your event.


Because we're a nimble, streamlined agency, we react quickly, we only deploy the people and skills that your event requires and, therefore, we're cost-effective. 


We don't bring huge overheads and management fees. We cherry pick from our team to select the perfect bunch for you.


Our core team covers every event discpline you could need:


  • Creative

  • Technical

  • Graphics

  • Video

  • Logistics

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Digital

  • Budget and planning